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Internal warehouse logistics system by SEW-EURODRIVE


Optimizing the operation of a modern warehouse and production using AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) is a necessary measure to increase efficiency, reduce costs and expand the business.

In the world practice, successful projects for the construction of warehouse and production logistics based on AGV are already known by both foreign and Russian companies in the field of production, online trade, the automotive industry and distribution. In turn, in Russia, SEW-EURODRIVE conducts joint developments with specialized companies in this field. One such example was a project to create an integrated logistics system based on an automated transport trolley.

The advantage of the presented AGVs, developed and assembled in Russia, is a hybrid power system without the use of lithium-ion batteries, which are usually used in electric vehicles. All components of the power system are manufactured by SEW-EURODRIVE. MOVITRANS contactless power technology enables charging of MOVI-DPS energy storage units on super-capacitors. An important advantage of super-capacitors over lithium-ion batteries is an unlimited number of charge-discharge cycles and a short charging time. This increases the life of the AGV, the time of non-stop operation of the entire transport system, eliminates the need to replace batteries and their expensive disposal.

The full charge time of the power supplies is less than 3 minutes, which allows the AGV to operate for more than 20 minutes completely independently without additional charging. Therefore, charging stations can be located at loading/unloading points, end points of the route and other intermediate points, which allows you to constantly maintain the optimal level of charge for completely non-stop operation of the system.

Also, with a large length of transport lines, in which the AGV does not have time to recharge at intermediate points, the option of contactless power supply "on the go"is used. To do this, a cable is laid along the path of the AGV in the floor, while moving over which the trolley is constantly charged. This makes it possible to completely eliminate stops due to the need for charging.

The AGV drives from SEW-EURODRIVE consist of two highly dynamic and energy-efficient CMP series servomotors with a power of 0.75 kW, controlled by MOVIDRIVE frequency converters. The trolley has two driving wheels, the trajectory control is performed by independent speed control of each drive.

The security and navigation system is based on the components of partner companies. It uses LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging - "detection and determination of range using light"). The control system recognizes the approach to an obstacle, which eliminates the collision of carts between themselves and hitting a person.

Communication with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is performed via a wireless digital network (WLAN).

The load capacity of this AGV series ranges from 50 to 200 kg. They are designed for the transportation of piece goods (boxes, pallets). If necessary, other equipment can be installed on the trolley (lift, grab, etc.)

Thus, the AGV-based system provides automatic management and flexibility of internal logistics of production facilities, as well as automated warehouses.

This equipment was developed jointly with the Russian company Raudu, which is the official integrator of the company "SEV-Eurodrive"JSC.