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SEW-EURODRIVE offers electromechanical cylinders


SEW-EURODRIVE offers electromechanical cylinders

Electric cylinders are an excellent alternative to traditional solutions based on pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. They are particularly well suited for production processes where linear movement is subject to high requirements for positioning accuracy and dynamics. For example, in woodworking, packaging machinery, spot welding machines.

SEW-EURODRIVE electric cylinders are available with a stroke of 60 to 1200 mm and a maximum force of 5300 to 240000 N.

Thanks to the patented lubrication in the oil bath, the electric cylinders provide precise and reliable linear motion with maximum dynamics.

The mechanical part of the electric cylinder is made in the form of a ball-screw transmission (ballscrew) or a planetary roller-screw transmission (PRVP), the electromechanical part is a synchronous servomotor.

Two design options are available: the standard CMS version and the modular CMSM version, for tasks that require a compact solution.

To control the electric cylinder, we recommend using the highly intelligent SEW – EURODRIVE inverters of the Movidrive and Moviaxis series, with which you can most flexibly configure the equipment for your task and monitor it.

You can get acquainted with the proposed line of equipment in the overview brochure available at the link:Broshura