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Exhibition FoodTech in Krasnodar 2021


In Krasnodar, from April 22 to 24, 2021, the Foodtech exhibition was held, which fully justified its name not only by the companies represented, but also by the division within the exhibition complex.

In one half of the room, the equipment needed in the food industry was placed, in the other – food and beverage manufacturers.

We were, of course, in the first room.

For us, this exhibition was significant, first of all, because of the presentation of our AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) truck.

For SEVA, which is what we called her, it was a debut. She managed it perfectly, with many eyes focused on the cart's movement along a well-defined trajectory.

The advantages of AGV also include the presence of a LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) system – this means that you can be calm about the movements of the cart – it will not run over you.

This system allows you to recognize an object at a given distance and stop to avoid a collision.

In addition, the cart is equipped with MOVITRANS contactless power supply technology. This technology enables the charging of MOVI-DPS energy storage units on super-capacitors.

An important advantage of super-capacitors over lithium-ion batteries is an unlimited number of charge-discharge cycles and a short charging time, which increases the life of the AGV.

This eliminates the need to replace the batteries and their subsequent disposal.

And here are some more important facts about SEVA:

- communication with the WMS (Warehouse Management System) is performed via a wireless digital network WLAN;

- the load capacity of this AGV series is from 50 to 200 kg. They are designed for the transportation of piece goods (boxes, pallets). If necessary, other equipment can be installed on the trolley (lift, grab, etc.).);

- with a large length of transport lines, the option of contactless power supply "on the go"is used. To do this, a cable is laid along the path of the AGV in the floor, while moving over which the trolley is constantly charged. This makes it possible to completely eliminate stops due to the need for charging.

Thus, the AGV-based system will provide automatic management and flexibility of internal logistics of production facilities, as well as automated warehouses.

In food production, SEW AGV will also be extremely effective.

We were glad to participate in the Foodtech exhibition this year. We hope for the same bright and interesting exhibitions in the future!