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SEW-EURODRIVE is pleased to announce the introduction of two new assembly programs ATO 5 and ETO15, which will allow our customers and partners to simplify the approach to the design process of new equipment and reduce the time interval for preparing for maintenance work, as well as to realize the possibility of more flexible budget planning when purchasing equipment.

The ATO 5 and ETO 15 programs are the result of a long and painstaking work to optimize the production processes of SEW-EURODRIVE and achieve unsurpassed results in the speed of assembly of gearboxes.

The launch of these assembly programs provides for the assembly of gearboxes according to the ATO 5 program within five days from the date of its order.

As part of this production cycle, the following products are available with standard options:

- Cylindrical and conical-cylindrical gearboxes of the Xe-series with dimensions from 100 to 250 (torque from 6.8 k to 175kNm);

- Planetary gearboxes of the P-series with gear ratios from 100 to 3500 and a torque range from 25 kN m to 360 kN m;

- Gear motors R..147, R..167, F..127, F..157, K..127, K..157, K..167 and K..187.

The ETO 15 program, which provides for a build period of up to 15 working days, includes the following additional options (for the ATO 5 program):

- explosion-proof design;

- forced lubrication and cooling system;

- auxiliary drive for Xe-series gearboxes;

- sensors of oil temperature, oil level;

- version for temperature conditions from -40 °C.