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Digital customer approval of industrial gear units


Are you due for acceptance testing of your customized industrial gear unit? Due to travel or health restrictions, it is too unsafe for you to come to us on site? Or you simply don't have the time to travel? No problem, because with us the customer approval of gear units also works digitally.

Successfully tested and approved - even remotely

For over a year now, in addition to on-site approval at the Bruchsal large gear unit plant, we have also been offering our customers digital customer approval of their custo¬mi¬zed industrial gear units. This gives you the opportunity to check your drive package in detail online from a distance.

As in the case of an on-site visit to the plant, our quality assurance experts accompany you through the inspection process, which you define yourself. This can be a simple visual inspection or a multi-stage test procedure with final assembly inspection, heating runs, heat treatment certificates and material certificates.

Particularly in the case of longer tests that include, for example, a heating run of the drive, there are enormous advantages for you as a customer. On the one hand, you can dial in selectively and thus have the flexibility and time for your other topics; on the other hand, you save the costs for your own travel or for hiring a service provider. With the special plus point that other people from your company can also dial in at any time worldwide, regardless of their location.

Of course, if the circumstances of the pandemic allow it, you can also travel to us for a gearbox acceptance test. We look forward to seeing you - whether on-site or digitally.