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    Energy savings in airport logistics

Energy saving potential = up to 10%

The effiDRIVE® solution with helical-bevel gear units and energy-efficient motors saves a total of € 17,300 after only 5 years of operation.

Your benefits from using helical-bevel gear units and DRE.. energy-efficient motors

Increase the motor efficiency!

Our highly effective, energy-efficient DRE.. and DRN.. motors exceed the efficiency requirements of the international standard IEC 60034-30-1. The energy-efficient motors are marked with IE2 (High Efficiency) and IE3 (Premium Efficiency).

Increase the gear unit efficiency!

Use efficiency-optimized helical-bevel gear units instead of helical-worm gear units. You will increase the efficiency by up to 30% depending on the gear unit size and reduction ratio.

Improve your energy balance!

The combination of efficiency-optimized helical-bevel gear units and highly energy-efficient motors allows you to achieve an overall energy saving potential of between 10% and 30%.

Measurable success of the effiDRIVE® efficiency solution

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Comparison between Standard version effiDRIVE® solution
Components for a project with 100 drive units each Helical-worm gear unit with standard motor SA57 DV100 L4 Helical-bevel gear unit with DRE.. series energy-efficient motor
KA37 DRE100 L4
Investment 77% 100%
Energy costs/year* € 71,750 € 65,560
Energy consumption 110% 100%
Amortization time   approx. 2.2 years
CO2savings per year   40 metric tons
  1. *Calculation based on: 3,500 operating hours/year x €0.10€/kWh x system power
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